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HECK Wall Systems

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Das Wärmedämmverbundsystem von HECK beinhaltet Kleber, Dämmplatten, Befestigungsmittel, Armierungen, Oberputze und viele Detaillösungen (Sockelbereich, Brandschutz, Anschlüsse) sowie passendes Zubehör.
HECK insulating plasters
HECK insulating plasters
The insulating plasters of HECK Wall Systems offer a complete system consisting of surface preparation, different insulating plasters, reinforcements and intermediate layers of plaster and mineral final coats.
HECK coatings
HECK coatings
The coating systems of HECK consist of various underground preparations and impregnating and colors for inside and outside.
The Rajasil waterproofing and injection mortar comprise not only products for substrate preparation and waterproofing products for the majority of the vertical seal (KMB, waterproofing) and horizontal sealing (injection).
Plastering system
Plastering system
Rajasil plastering system include restoration, lime plaster, cement plaster, mineral leveling mortar, finishing coats, clay plaster and plaster surface preparation products and accessories.
Facing brickwork
Facing brickwork
The Rajasil products for facing brickwork consist of stone strengtheners, stone restoration mortars as well as products for grouting and the brick lining.
Painting systems
Painting systems
With the paint systems Rajasil silicone resin emulsion paints, silicate masonry paints and water-repellent impregnation can be offered.


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